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Area Guide

Huis Ten Bosch

Not only Japanese but also many foreign travelers visit this largest amusement park in Japan.
You can enjoy strolling the town, which models Holland in the Middle Ages with flowers beautifully bloom throughout a year, game museum, music show, etc.

For more details Huis Ten Bosch

How to get to Huis Ten Bosch from the Hotel
By Train (Time required: approx. 2 hours 20 minutes) *Time required is only an estimation.
Inasayama Kanko Hotel (by car / approx. 10 minutes) > Nagasaki Station > (JR Nagasaki-honsen Line, JR Omura Line / approx. 1 hour 50 minutes) > Huis Ten Bosch Station > (on foot / approx. 20 minutes) > Huis Ten Bosch
By car (Approx. 60km to Huis Ten Bosch / Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes on public roads.

Gunkanjima Island

"Gunkanjima" is a nickname that means battleship island in Japanese, and the formal name is "Hashima".
Hashima is a small island located in Nagasaki city (former Takashima-cho). The island prospered as a coral mine in from late 1800s to the beginning of 1900s. It processed larger population than Tokyo at that time, however the mine was closed and residents had to leave the island. The abandoned island is now an inhabited.

Information about sightseeing tours to Gunkanjima (PDF, Japanese only)
(Please make inquiries about the tours directly to a travel agent.)

Around the Hotel & Touristic Destination in Nagasaki-city

Mount Inasayama Observatory, Mount Inasayama Park

The park is known not only as an observatory providing spectacular night view but also as a place beloved by locals with nature.
The lunch with panoramic scenery at "Hikari no Restaurant" in observatory is highly recommended.
Beautiful blue ocean, mountains and picturesque Nagasaki city will give you a different impression from the night scenery.

"Hikari no Restaurant" Official Website (Japanese only)

Optional Tours of Nagasaki Night Scenery

1.Luxurious Night Scenery Optional Tour

The tour conduct 2 scenic platforms.
Enjoy spectacular views from a different angle at "Inasayama Kanko Hotel" and "Hotel Yataro".
Transportation service by taxi + drink (Common hotel tickets)
After dinner, visit Hotel Yataro first. The city lights in Nagasaki will bemingling with the twinkling stars in the sky.

Price for the Optional Tour
For 2 people: 2,800yen (per person)
For 3 people: 2,500yen (per person)
For 4 people: 2,300yen (per person)
Departing at
How to make an reservation
Please call +81 95 861 4151.
Tell the staying plan that you have selected.

*Children can join with half price of adults.

2.Platunum Night View Optional Tour with Megami-ohashi Bridge Driving

Impressed with spectacular night view of Nagasaki city on the way to the beautifully lighting up Megami-ohashi!
Easy outing with taxi in the time you like. Enjoy driving in Nagasaki city and beauty pots at night.

Price for the Optional Tour
For 2 people: 2,300yen (per person)
For 3 people: 1,900yen (per person)
For 4 people: 1,500yen (per person)
Departing at
How to make an reservation
Please call +81 95 861 4151.
Tell the staying plan that you have selected.

*Children can join with half price of adults.

Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown

Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown is established in Shinchi-machi in Nagasaki.
It is known as one of the 3 major Chinatown in Japan along with Chinatown in Yokohama and Kobe.

Official website(Japanese only)

Approximately 15 minutes by car from the Hotel

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

Nagasaki Penguin Museum is located from 15 minutes by car from the central Nagasaki and have the view towards open featureless ocean. Not only penguins but also various and colorful fish, jellyfish, large freshwater fish and living nature of seashore will impress both children and adults.Penguin parade will be held on weekends and public holidays, and you can feed and touch penguins.

Admission fee: Adults (individual): ¥500 / 3 years old to junior high school students: ¥300
Opening hours: 9:00am-5:00pm / Closed on the 3rd Wednesday of the month

Official Website

Approximately 30 minutes by car from the Hotel

Nagasaki Glover Garden

Glover Garden, located in Minami-yamate-machi , exhibits various historical buildings in Nagasaki at where mansions of British merchants, Glover, Ringer and Alt was built.

Official website

Approximately 20 minutes by car from the Hotel

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Official Website

Approximately 15 minutes by car from the Hotel

Nagasaki Peace Park


Oura Catholic Church




*For more details about sightseeing in Nagasaki, please see the website below.

Major Festivals

Nagasaki Lantern Festival


Kazagashira Park Sakura Festival


Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival


Nagasaki Kunchi Festival


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